Enrolled in our accent reduction classes, you will see professionals, university students, teachers and advanced English speakers looking to improve to another level.  Take a look around and tap the chat bubble if you have questions. We are currently enrolling for 2021.  If you are not sure which level you are, you can take our 40-question placement test.

All you need to join our language classes is a computer (laptop or desktop) and access to high speed internet.  We encourage you to set up a space that is inspirational, has natural light and reflects your attitude towards learning. 

Advanced English Courses Online

Advanced English Conversation & 写作课程

  Our advanced English conversation course is designed for students who have completed the Intermediate English Course and for students who have knowledge of most English language concepts who are working towards fluency.  The class will meet online and focus on conversation training, vocabulary recall and advanced pronunciation techniques.  Students will be required to complete studies between live online classes in the form of essays, writing and grammar tasks and industry-specific terminology. 

减少口音 Classes & 发音 Training

 The accent reduction classes are designed to remove unwanted sounds and heavy accents for advanced English speakers.  The benefits of our students have been both professional and personal.  Having high quality conversations can highly depend on using the right terminology, knowing idoms and possessing proficient vocabulary recall. We understand that skills come through repletion, but those skills must be applied to real life situations for students to learn at a higher level. 

 The Principle of Language Skill Application 

Our instructors use the principle of skill application in their weekly sessions as they teach live online sessions introducing new lanuguage concepts and common speech improvements.  Time spent between online classes will be used to complete tasks, coordinated study and exercises designed to apply the skills into regular practice.  Students that take advantage of the time between classes can excel and learn at a faster pace than normal.  This group class is ongoing and covers the curriculum in a rotation that lasts 7-9 months and tends to move at the pace of the group. 

 Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) assists students in identifying sounds of English. Unlike many international languages, English is a stress based language and students learn proper stress in classroom practice with English conversation lessons as well as assignments outside the classroom. 

Accent Reducation Class Schedule

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Guaranteed to Enjoy ESL in Phoenix

Guaranteed to Learn

If you don’t like your class or experience, no problem.  We will refund any payment you made within 7 days. 

English Certificates at English Academy in Phoenix

ESL Certificate Awards

Work your way through the ESL levels and receive your certificates of achievement.  Advance to interpreter certificates & 外语教学.

Succulents and English Classes

Succulents for Students

Our students are known to have tenacity, strength and enduring resilience.  Just like succulents.  Enroll and we’ll send you one! (launching in 2021)